Gastrolísh welcomes you!

Finally I jumped, …into the world of blogging. If you are into gastronomy and delish food you found the right place. This is where I will be posting some of my very personal “gastrolísh” moments that I have had the pleasure to experience so far throughout the world. Let’s get right to it: 1. Bar Ramón, Barcelona A fantastic little tapas place at the corner of Carrer Comte del Borrel and Carrer de Tamarit in Barcelona. Founded in 1939 this restaurant has been serving guests with delicious food accompanied by relaxing blues and jazz sounds ever since. Some of my favourites include the avocado with cream cheese and salmon, the pumpkin with blue cheese and sunflower seeds served in a shell, as well as the mini hamburger. Accompany this with a nice glass of wine or a “clara” (local shandy) and you’ll be all set.

For more info visit their website:



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