Oasis in Gràcia…

…This little oasis can be found right around the corner of the local Mercado de la Abacería in the Gràcia district of Barcelona. Walk in the little place on Carrer de Torrijos 26 and you’ll feel right at home.

You have reached: Mama’s Café. Simplistic in its décor, Mama’s Café invites you to enjoy anything from breakfast, lunch, coffee to dinner and drinks. The main focus though, lies on the usage of ecological products.

Pretty much anything you will try here tastes delicious and will make you happy for several hours after your visit. The highlight of this place is the small yet oasis-like inside yard where you can enjoy a nice and quiet break.

Foods you should definitely give a try are:

– Home-made Chocolate Cake

– Home-made Carrot Cake

– Tuna Avocado salad

– Iced Teas


Mama's Cafe Barcelona 2015

For more info visit: http://www.mamascafebcn.com/


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